Value Stream Management- Flow Consulting

In today’s world, organizations have to differentiate, disrupt and innovate to survive and thrive. They are moving towards Digital Transformation of their business. We need to work in a New Way and move from Project to Product Approach.

We need to improve Observability in the entire Value Steam to deliver value to the customer, business, partners and employees. Value Stream Management helps to improve


  • Time to Value and Predictability
  • Streamline Software Development to Unlock Capacity
  • Bring Observability
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Stay Modern and Compliant by addressing Debt and Risk

Flow Advisors at Xellentro help organizations to move to this New Ways of Working by helping CIOs, Transformation Leaders and Product Owners / Managers and Engineering Heads eliminate loss of revenue, missed commitments and process inefficiency by implementing Value Stream Management using the Planview Tasktop VSM Tool.

The tool provides

  • Flow Metrics Dashboard
  • Value Stream Analytics
  • Portfolio Insights
  • Bottleneck Identification.