Playground - The Virtual Dojo

Adopting – and adapting to – New Ways of Working requires trying new things. At Xellentro, we believe experimentation is the only path to innovation. To meet this need, we came up with Playground – The Virtual Dojo, through which we help hypothesize and experiment with business problems brought in by client teams. The teams then take back the learnings from this experience and implement them in their environments. Playground does not involve a structured course or structured lab. It is a collaborative space for teams to solve their business problems under the guidance of our SMEs.

In a nutshell…

With Playground – the Virtual Dojo, you solve your problems, with expert global practitioners providing guidance, using a good representation of the latest tools and technology provided through partnerships and alliances with the best-in-class product vendors.

Why Playground - the Virtual Dojo?

1. Solve Your Own Business Problems

Playground doesn’t offer any structured training. Playground is a dojo in true sense where teams come together with a real business problem and solve it on their own under our expert’s guidance in an environment which is customized to match their real work environment.

2. Greater ROI on Your Digital Transformation

Organizations can leverage Playground to experiment with their concepts and arrive at the optimum solution through expert guidance before investing in them, thereby ensuring greater ROI on their transformation initiatives.

3. Continuous Upskilling & Capability Building

Playground offers teams a platform, on a pay-as-you-go basis, through which they can continuously learn new ways of working and deliver value better and faster.

4. Collaborative Experiments with Customers

Service Providers can invite their customers to Playground, which offers a neutral ground for collaborating on experiments, under the guidance of global experts, to get the best possible solution.

5. Access to Highly Qualified Global Experts as Mentors

The greatest value add for the teams working in Playground is the opportunity to get guidance from mentors who are Global SMEs coming with hands on knowledge in respective industry and domain.

6. DevOps, DevSecOps, SRE & VSM Implementation

Organizations struggling to implement DevOps, DevSecOps, SRE, or VSM can leverage Playground to explore and improve their situation with experts guiding them through this process. 

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Use cases

1.  Organization wants to implement DevOps or DevSecOps in a regulated domain – In PG they get the concept, understand the current scenario and decide how to make changes. The team is guided to setup the entire CI/CD pipeline with Governance in-built. Playground will use some tools; however, the team is free to use any tool of their choice to do the work.

2. Organization has moved from On-prem to Cloud. Now Cloud Cost Management and/or Cloud Security Management is the problem – In PG, they get to learn what changes are required to their systems, not only from the technology point of view but also in terms of architecture review and suggested changes.

3. Many Organizations face the problem of acceptance from existing team – Playground helps in being that frictionless, unbiased, safe place to learn the new things and be confident to take up the new challenge, thus improving the acceptance of the new ways of working.

4. IT Service Providers who are well established in traditional ways of working, can come to Playground and build the capabilities of DevOps, DevSecOps, SRE, etc., to take up new engagement from their existing clients and new clients.

5. Organization wants to improve on their MTTR and thus utilize Error Budgets better. In Playground, they can learn how to improve Observability from the current situation

6. wants to improve their Security posture. In playground, they can learn ways of improving through use of ASOC tool, learning how to automatically setup in their environment and use it.

7. Organizations can  increase awareness of security to the teams through insightful data on vulnerabilities from their own work

8. Organization who wants to find out how to be more Sustainable in IT

9. Organization can learn how IT can help in Sustainability in their non-IT areas of business








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