Threats Manager Studio

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Threats Manager Studio

Date :

December 10, 2020

Time :

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Venue :

Virtual Event

Event Description

Listen to Simone Curzi discuss on “Threats Manager Studio” live in conversation with Dr. Niladri Choudhuri on December 10. After a wait of over one year, Simone Curzi of Microsoft is proud to announce the availability to the wide public of Threats Manager Studio. This moment marks the third step of an initiative to evolve the current Threat Modelling process to Threat Modeling vNext.
Started about three years ago, Simone unveils the first Threat Modelling tool based on the Threats Manager Platform. And it is even freely available for everyone to use! It can be integrated with many other tools, built by the Security Community as by Companies developing Threat Modelling tools, and will foster the development of new, better services to improve everyone’s security.

As Threat Modeling and Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) expert Simone Curzi mentions, “Threats Manager Studio and the Threats Manager Platform are first and foremost tools made by subject matter experts based on their first-hand experience, to address their own needs.

They are built with a no-nonsense approach, with the intent of maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. With Threats Manager Studio, our goal has been to drive the identification and management of the most relevant Security Risks, to empower the Business to achieve its goals securely. Now, we want to help you to achieve your Security Risks Management goals, whatever role you play in your Organization”.


The Highlights of the webinar:

  • What is Threats Manager Studio?
  • How is the evolvement from current Threat Modelling process to Threat Modeling vNext?
  • Explain this first Threat Modelling tool built on Threats Manager platform?
  • How can Threats Manager Studio be helpful in increasing the value?
  • How can one gain their Security Risks Management objectives?

All this with the demo of the tool.

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