Pivoting from Monolith to Microservice

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Pivoting from Monolith to Microservice

Date :

August 4, 2020

Time :

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Venue :

Virtual Event

Event Description

Listen to Tracy Ragan talk on “Pivoting from Monolith to Microservice”.

CD will become essential as we move from infrequent releases to continuous release. For most organizations, microservices will have their own repository and workflows. CD tools will need to support workflow templates. Configuration management will be lost as large monolithic builds are replaced or non-existence. Link decision making is done at runtime – not by a build manager.

In this webinar Tracy Ragan, CEO & Co-Founder, Deploy Hub, explains the essence of pivoting from Monolith to Microservice, also by showing few demos. She is also the Microservice Evangelist – Passionate About Configuration Management and Continuous Deployment.


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