Measurement and Metrics in the current day

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Measurement and Metrics in the current day

Date :

November 30, 2021

Time :

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Venue :

Virtual Event

Event Description

Measurement and Metrics in Current Day

Traditional metrics give traditional results which may not satisfy the expectations of customers in today’s day and age. Keeping up with the current trends also means it should be put into practice in the backend using the current measurement and metrics. The changes required in the working teams to deliver better, safer and faster value to the customer will be discussed in the panel. Some of the starlwarts who have implemented DevOps within their organizations to improve the process based on the flow metric would be present. Different aspects of IT services would be put forth by Ms.Namrata. In the post Covid-19 outbreak world security has become an even more important concern. The increased measures of IT security will be discussed by Ms.Vandana.


Key takeaways

  •  Measure the product and everything around the product to cover all the areas
  •  Understand the reason for measurement in order to implement the data gathered into the product framework
  •  Shift to the outcome metrics
  •  Measure the performance of external contractors by measuring the stability at the beginning of the project vs at the end of the project (churn)
  •  Define metrics for security – need of the hour
  •  Measuring leadership in 3 levels: What we expect from the strategic level, tactic level, execution level

Event Speaker

Dr. Tapabarata Pal
Vice President, Architecture & Fidelity Investments
Dr. Mik Kirsten
Founder & CEO of Tasktop, Author of Project to Product
Ms. Vandana Verma
Security Relations Leader, APJ Global BoD at OWASP & InfosecGirls, Snyk
Ms. Namrata Datta
Agile Coach, Transformation & DevOps Consultant, HCL Technologies
Mr. Larry Maccherone
DevSecOps Transformation at Contrast Security
Dr. Niladri Choudhuri
Founder & CEO, Xellentro Consulting Services LLP