Information Security – Need or Necessity?

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Information Security – Need or Necessity?

Date :

October 29, 2021

Time :

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Venue :

Virtual Event

Event Description


In our data-driven world, keeping internal data that runs through an organization secure, is a top priority, to prevent unauthorized access and ensure smooth business functioning. Without this, you can encounter some serious risks, giving rise to the assumption that Information Security is a must-have and no longer optional. Natural disasters, computer or server malfunction, and theft are among the many threats that can compromise company data – if these events occur, you need to be prepared with the tools and knowledge. 

In this webinar, we will be discussing why you and your organization should be making further investments in Information Security to protect your data and ensure that your organization can continually operate by implementing safe and secure Information Security Management.

 Furthermore, there will be the opportunity to learn about EXIN’s Career Path certification: EXIN Information Security Officer, where you can validate your skills and recognition to lead the implementation of such Information Security best practices within your organization


About the Speaker

Krzysztof Politowicz graduated in Information Science at the University of Lodz and has a MA in Database Information Systems. In 2005 he founded Business Excellence Institute Ltd., based in Poland, where he was CEO and President of the Board. From 2008 Krzysztof has been the owner of BEI Krzysztof Politowicz & Partners, an EXIN Accredited Training Partner for Agile Scrum, ISO20000, and ISO27002. Since 2014, Krzysztof has been an active QA/reviewer for translations from English into Polish for EXIN. He is a co-author of exam questions for EXIN: Agile Scrum Foundation, Scrum Master, Product Owner, DevOps Professional, VeriSM Foundation, and Professional. He is fully certified as an ITIL V3 Expert, ITIL4 Managing Professional, and ITIL4 Strategic Leader. He is also certified in PRINCE2 & PRINCE2 Agile practitioner, Agile Scrum Master degree, VERISM™ Professional, Togaf 9.2 Certified, MSP® Practitioner, ISO/IEC 20000, and ISO/IEC 27002 certificates. For the last 16 years, Mr. Politowicz fulfilled a role as a supervisor/invigilator for EXIN.


Key takeaways

  •  85% of surveyed CEOs say cyber threats are a top concern
  •  48% of CEOs said they would increase their investments in cybersecurity within 3 years
  •  Security requirements & controls should reflect the business value of the information assets involved and the potential business damage which might result from a failure or absence of security
  •  The identification of risks related to external party access should take into account value & sensitivity of the information involved and its criticality for business operations
  •  Information should be classified in terms of its value, legal requirements, sensitivity and criticality to the organization
  •  Estimated average cost of cybercrime increased by 50% from 2018-2020 and is set to exceed $1 trillion
  •  Reliability of information is dependent on confidentiality, integrity and availability

Event Speaker

1)Krzysztof Politowicz