Importance of Threat Modeling

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Importance of Threat Modeling

Date :

December 10, 2020

Time :

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Venue :

Virtual Event

Event Description

The security vulnerabilities are the key problems which the organizations can’t afford to overlook. Threat modelling is a practice for identifying vulnerabilities, objectives and possible threats and further define the actual measure to prevent it from the system. In DevSecOps, threat modeling is one of the important technique and must-have consistent practices that any team needs to learn and understand its role and objectives and establish collaborative organization.

Why choose Threat Modeling?

  • It is better to look for security defects within time and fix them.
  • This can easily save time, profits, and reputation of an organization.
  • For building a secure application.
  • Bridges the gap between security and developers.
  • It provides awareness and perfect knowledge of the latest vulnerabilities and risks.
  • It offers actual documents of the identified threats as well as rated threats.

In this webinar, a renowned Threat Modeling and Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) expert, Simone Curzi will be conveying how to use Threat Modelling in the IT industry as he discusses:

  • Importance of Threat Modeling
  • How to do Threat Modeling efficiently
  • The challenges with Threat Modeling and how DevSecOps Threat modelling ensures security
  • How to implant supportable security into your organization

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