Implementation of SRE – Panel discussion

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Implementation of SRE – Panel discussion

Date :

February 26, 2021

Time :

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Venue :

Virtual Event

Event Description

We conducted a great panel discussion on “Implementation of SRE” on March 26. The panelists included Nasreen Dawood, Biswajit Mohapatra, Shivagami Gugan, Yeshvanth Nanjundappa, Ganesh Subramanian, and Avinash Rao. They discussed on how to implement SLO, SLI, Error Budget in organizations in a better way; how to overcome the challenges coming across; how to use Chaos Engineering; how to improve the value of SRE with improved reliability in a scenario where there are multiple vendors providing service, and much more.


  1. What is your experience on the SLOs, SLI, and error budget scenario and how it is helping organizations?
  2. What is your experience with your customers with different organizations that you have seen?
  3. While talking about these SLO’s, and error budgets, how do you see that working when in an organization there are multiple suppliers delivering different things from different perspective?
  4. As a provider of infrastructure, what are the challenges faced to bring in the SRE kind of a service?
  5. When we say that SREs can decide their workload, as a customer, are you going to give your vendors that autonomy?
  6. When looking at the SRE tooling, is it the customer who would invest or are we going to invest as a service provider?
  7. How do we see chaos engineering security engineering to be practiced, and how it should grow? Is it mandatory for every organization, to really look at it to provide a reliable secure system?
  8. Regarding chaos engineering, while providing infrastructure support to your customers, how can one do that?


  1. Nasreen Dawood is Executive Director – Delivery & Operations with IBM India.  Nasreen is Technology leader skilled in Agile Methodologies, Design thinking and project management.
  2. Biswajit Mohapatra is Partner, Executive Director, Hybrid Cloud Transformation Services, IBM. He is the DevOps Institute Global Ambassador and AWS APN Ambassador.
  3. Shivagami Gugan is the Chief Technology Officer at CX Tech Unicorn, strategizing and delivering Digital transformation/smart initiatives for Govt and other entities in the GCC.
  4. Yeshvanth Nanjundappa is the Head of Infrastructure and Service Reliability Engineering, A.P. Moller – Maersk.
  5. Ganesh Subramanian is the Engineering Director from Product Engineering background morphed into a passion for DevOps, SRE and Multi-cloud Infrastructure.
  6. Avinash Rao is a DevOps and Agile Transformation Leader and Enterprise Agility Expert. Avinash is Kanban University KMP-2 Certified, a DASA Certified DevOps Coach and DOI SRE Foundation certified.

Event Speaker

1) Nasreen Dawood 2) Biswajit Mohapatra 3) Shivagami Gugan 4) Yeshvanth Nanjundappa 5) Ganesh Subramanian 6) Avinash Rao