DOJO- Learning from Hypothesis-based experimentation

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DOJO- Learning from Hypothesis-based experimentation

Date :

December 3, 2020

Time :

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Venue :

Virtual Event

Event Description

In this live webinar, Dr. Niladri Choudhuri discusses on an interesting topic: “DOJO- Learning from Hypothesis-based experimentation.”

In the new normal upskilling and cross-skilling are extremely required to stay high in the IT market. Thus, Virtual Dojo is a fresh concept designed on a new cloud platform to gain an immersive learning experience. “Dojo” is a place to perform the hypothesis-based experiments, thus moving from a Project to Product approach. This will help the IT teams to get on board to have immersive learning and collaboration under the guidance of top DevOps leader-coaches.

Dr. Niladri Choudhuri will explain the essence of Virtual Dojo in the current scenario and how would it benefit to learn from hypothesis-based experimentation approach without capital investment.

The Highlights of the webinar:

  • Significance of Dojo
  • Kind of Experimentation and learnings
  • Offerings from Virtual Dojo platform
  • How would you engage on Dojo?
  • Advantages of joining Dojo

Dr. Niladri Choudhuri is the Founder and CEO of Xellentro, ATO Working Group Member – Asia at AXELOS Global Best Practice. He is also the chief organizer for the largest DevOps event in India DevOps India summit. He has strong experience in managing large global projects and programs setting up from scratch various practices for BI/DW, Project Portfolio Management, etc. He has been providing training and consulting to large organizations across the world on Project Management, Portfolio Management, Agile, DevOps, IT Service Management, etc.

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