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Do you want to implement emerging technologies in your business and take it to the next level? 

Here are the facts: 

We are in a situation where a lot of changes are happening in the IT industry. IT is no longer a cost centre, it is business. New technologies like AI/ML, Data Science, IoT and Cloud are emerging. Organizations need to adapt these to make their customer experience better. 

To take your business to the next level, you will have to change your ways of working. Amass the golden nuggets from the speaker in this webinar.

Who should attend the webinar? 

  • Top, Senior and Middle Management of IT Service Providers and Customers 
  • CXO, Professionals in Portfolio Program and Project Management, Consulting, Human Resources 
  • IT professionals into DevOps, DevSecOps, SRE, AI/ML, Data Science and process improvement

What do you get to know? 

10 Pillar Metamorphosis approach on how to tackle the change and outsmart your competitors. The change needs to happen from the IT Service provider and customer’s end. 

 Key topics of discussion:  

  • Change required in Internationalization to Globalization 
  • Open Network Platform 
  • Value Network Partners 
  • Human Capital 
  • Leadership 
  • Environmental considerations to innovation

Key takeaways

People don’t purchase products and services anymore; they purchase an experience. So, businesses should focus on delivering customer experience rather than products and services.

Hypothesis based development or experimentation-based development is what companies are looking at these days. If a business does not create value, the business cannot survive. Organizations are moving towards outcome-based tasks and not output based tasks

Ten pillars of metamorphosis

  •  Security
  •  Human capital
  •  Leadership
  •  Open network platform
  •  Value partners
  •  Internationalization to globalization
  •  Continuous improvement, experimentation and learning
  •  Environment consideration to innovation
  •  Customized mass production
  •  Product as outcome