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Prince2 Foundation training is a basic or introductory course. If you’re certified with Prince2 Foundation Level, you can anticipate to – have proper information on Prince2’s basic methodology and terminology; and have a grip on the method to work efficiently on projects managed following PRINCE2 methodology. Well, we’re discussing PRINCE2 Foundation examinations, how to prepare, and clear the exams with flying colors.

It is suggested to follow a few effective tips in PRINCE2 Foundation given by the experts to pass the exam successfully. A blend of hard work and proper planning will acquire you with best of results that you pursue! Let’s explore these productive tips and tricks to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation!

Understand Prince2 Foundation Certification requirements

There aren’t any particular certification needs for Foundation level certification. Given that you have got a keen interest in learning Prince2, making use of its study guide, you can intend to go for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. It is necessary to have a general knowledge of what a project is and how to handle projects in your companies. Hence, if you don’t have accurate knowledge, the study guide of Prince2 will offer the required inputs!

Topics to cover

The PRINCE2 Foundation examination evaluates whether your understanding and knowledge are satisfactory enough to be able to work fruitfully, or a project management team working effectively within an environment providing support to PRINCE2.

The PRINCE2 exam addresses the following parts:

As per the syllabus, successful candidates should understand:

  • the vital concepts related to PRINCE2 and its projects;
  • how the PRINCE2 principles support the PRINCE2 method;
  • the PRINCE2 themes and how they are used throughout the project; and
  • the PRINCE2 processes and how they are executed across the project.

Kinds of Questions

The PRINCE2 Foundation examination paper is made up of 60 multiple-choice questions that you need to finish in 1-hour. All the questions are encompassed within a question booklet. The passing mark is 55% for which you require scoring at least 33 correct answers for passing the paper. In the real-time examination, you have to complete the question paper in pencil and submit it over there. If you’re going with virtual learning, you have to go through the question paper and tell the answers to your expert online.

Tips to clear the PRINCE2 Foundation Examination

  • Studying the course:
  • Sit for a sample examination paper first.
  • Evaluate the questions.
  • Always ask questions to the expert.
  • Prepare for the examination:
  • Read a lot of pre-course study material.
  • Understand the examination technique:
  • Do the math well.
  • Do not leave any question.
  • Mark your answers on your sheet as you go with a pencil so that you can correct it afterward if you want.
  • There is no negative marking

Reference: The accredited material that will be provided in the course is good enough to help you pass the exam. It is always recommended to buy the PRINCE2 2017 manual for the authorized sites like TSO and Amazon.


We hope you’ve found this guide interesting which will help in passing the PRINCE2 Foundation effortlessly. Doing proper revision and practice of sample papers for the exam will help you to qualify the PRINCE2 Foundation exam successfully which would be further recognized in your industries and boost your career accordingly!

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