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PRINCE2 recommends that a project should have well-described, distributed, and approved roles and responsibilities when a team is taking up a project. It is significant for a company to recognize these roles and responsibilities to allow its structure that manages with the business, user, and stakeholders’ interests to operate productively and effectually. Projects should also have an ideal medium for active communication between individuals involved in it. Here we’re going to discuss the roles and responsibilities of PRINCE2!

      i) The roles of PRINCE2 in all projects for prime stakeholders include:

  • Business Sponsors: They are the chief project stakeholders who fund the Project and make sure that the project offers an accurate return on investment.
  • Executive: This person in the organization is responsible for the execution of the project and also validate if it is a viable project both from the point of view of Attractiveness and Achievability of the project.
  • Project Manager: They execute the day to day activities of the project on behalf of the Project Executive and ensure that the project is executed within the six constraints – time, scope, cost, quality, risk, and benefits.
  • Team Manager: The team manager role manages the execution of the day to day activities with the team. He manages the work packages and is the liason between the delivery team and the Project Manager.
  • Suppliers: They offer the resources and proficiency needed by the project. They may be internal or external to the company executing the project.
  • Users: These are the ones who use the product and generate the benefit.
  • Project Assurance: The Project Assurance team is responsible for guaranteeing that the project stays on track in the three different areas of business assurance, supplier assurance, and user assurance. They are SMEs in respective areas and perform the responsibility of assurance on behalf of the executive.
  • Project Support: The Project Support staff helps the Project Manager in his daily work like maintaining the Project Management Tool, if used, guide and hand-hold team managers in using the tool, maintain the Project Management Process documents, etc.

      ii) There are 4 levels of hierarchy in the PRINCE2 Structure:

         Corporate Management – Project Board – Project Manager – Team Manager.

  • Corporate/Program Management is outside this Project Management organization structure, and is accountable for the Project Directive, naming the Executive, and describing the project-level understandings.
  • Project Board is in charge of providing the general direction and is liable for the success of the project.
  • Project Manager is responsible for the usual management of the project within the constrictions set by the Project Board.
  • Team Members are accountable for delivering the project products within time, quality, and cost.

By now you must have had a clear understanding of PRINCE2 roles and responsibilities! If you need any help with PRINCE2 training, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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