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As people worldwide are experiencing the pandemic-like situation and unemployment doing the rounds, this is the right time to work on yourself, on your career. With the economy becoming unstable and many changes in our working patterns, companies are spinning swiftly to keep pace with the ever-changing, ambiguous environment. They are moving tracks, adapting to new developments, and making distinct decisions. So how should the professionals upskill themselves?

Professionals who can implement end-to-end, ongoing projects and assignments are hugely in demand in the IT market. Let us help you learn about the best tips to upskill yourself that will uplift your career!

How to Upskill your Skills to increase your career

Upskilling & Reskilling research conducted by Training Journal reports that 92% of companies and 83% of employees say upskilling/reskilling training has enhanced productivity at work. 64% of employees anticipated that reskilling and upskilling training would surely affect their job level growth and/or salary. This is the ideal time to take charge of your career and increase your skills on your own. Nurturing your skillsets will give you an upper hand in your career.

1# Know your plans: You should figure out what you are interested in learning and ask yourself why. Maybe you want to learn DevSecOps Foundation so that you can become DevSecOps Engineer, and apply them in your projects with your higher learnings. Hence, definite goals would assist in motivating you and moving ahead.

2# Secure your leadership skills: Teams in many bigger IT companies run skillset audits to check what they have and what they are missing. Why not grab this chance to apply for these skill upgrades for yourself, as the purpose behind this is to expand more leaders! Become acquainted with project manager courses, for example, DevOps Leader certification, as such skills are required in every industry.

 3# Focus on getting priority-driven career access: You should train yourself perfectly on the latest in-demand industry skills through virtual learning methods accessible right now. This kind of upskilling approach will surely build a balanced and high-rank career in the long run.

4# Keep upgrading your knowledge by upskilling yourself with IT courses: Upskilling of DevOps, SRE, Cloud are immensely in demand. Apart from these, Security is at the top of the mind for Information Security managers, Risk managers, Audit officers, Senior Security Managers. Security is everyone’s responsibility, and hence skill upgradation from time-to-time is equally vital. DevSecOps being the best security strategy, needs to be implemented as it is important for all the current SMEe and GRCs. With the way of working changing, professionals need to upskill and cross-skills now, or else, they will be left backward in career. Hence, invest time in learning through virtual courses that offer various programs, training, and certification courses, which can help you upskill from the comfort of your home in a short time span.

5# Upskilling cross-functionally is required: Whether you would work from home or go back to work in the office, both ways, upskilling cross-functionally is necessary. Those professionals who plan to return to the office, their work, roles, and responsibilities will look extremely different from the earlier times before lockdown. This would signify that employees will be exposed to demanding multiple role performances. Hence, surviving in both these situations will depend on your proficiency to learn and upskill on time.

6# Only tools can’t help; the Solution is effective Upskilling and Cross-skilling: As per Gartner’s prediction, by 2023, 90 percent of DevOps initiatives will fail to meet expectations of delivery and software quality. “Tools are not the solution to a cultural problem”, George Spafford, Research Director at Gartner said. Hence, professionals shouldn’t stick with only tools. They should start taking up necessary skill programs for their career betterments now itself. Start-up employees should reskill and upskill significantly to stay relevant in the IT market.

7# Being digitally competent is crucial for remote work: Most companies have shifted from face-to-face to online platforms. With everything taking the lead on the digital medium, check where you’re lacking and train yourself to upgrade in those particular areas.

8# Upskill with practical experience for your benefit: With work-from-home options accessible for most IT professionals, you can take full advantage of upskilling by taking out some extra time from your work schedule. Companies are hiring differently, and professionals require to respond accordingly. Organizations are looking for people with multiple skillsets and want their employees to upgrade in higher skills to apply in their company works in a better manner and deliver independently. According to the experts, act smartly and be in-demand yourself in the Industry 4.0 where upskilling and cross-skilling is a significant factor.

9# Build your LinkedIn network strong: LinkedIn is an essential tool for you to explore which companies or groups are offering to upskill training reasonably. You can connect with them and contact them directly to upskill a few of the important IT courses that are available.

10# Consider getting certified with an ideal skillset: Check out for the certificate programs required for in-demand IT jobs and higher career ranks. A small investment in upskilling will take you a long way ahead. Certifications are a valuable addition to your skillset and resume.

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  • Industry best Experience trainers
  • 24×7 Access to our Training web pages
  • Guide kits available for help
  • Approach to the Industry Based Projects
  • Access to the latest tools for Hands-on Experience
  • 24×7 Customer support
  • Committed Managers to guide you in the respective trainings
  • Online tests for getting quick certifications on passing

Being multi-skilled will be the best means to move forward in your career as many companies are looking for skills beyond the common ones. Hence, upskilling and cross-skilling yourself in the new normal with the above tips, along with your innovativeness, creativity, ability to communicate effectually, and teamwork will take you to heights in your career!

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