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“By 2023, 40% of organizations will have switched from multiple point solutions to DevOps value stream delivery platforms to streamline application delivery, versus less than 10% in 2020.” – Gartner


Recent research by Gartner finds that DevOps teams are having trouble scaling operations due to the complexity of disparate tools, product owners lack visibility into workflows, and IT departments are struggling to provide secure, scalable remote work environments.

To address these and other challenges, Gartner recommends organizations adopt a value stream delivery platform. These systems enable organizations to simplify complex toolchains, improve workflow and visibility with a streamlined application delivery lifecycle, and support remote development teams with cloud-based systems.


IT is a System of Systems. It is complex and becoming more complex everyday. There are large number of changes/ideas flowing through the system to generate value for the business/customer. Organisations need to deliver faster and hence reduce the end-to-end cycle time from Idea-to-deployment without sacrificing quality. Stability and Security brings Reliability to the system.


Value Stream Management helps us with the following:

  • Breakdown silos across the organization to work towards a shared objective of value co-creation
  • Team uses real-time metrics to make decisions
  • Helps in enabling cross-team collaboration
  • Governance and Security will be embedded in the life-cycle
  • Help in automating workflow to improve


Our Approach

> Discovery

We would like to start with the assessment of the current DevOps and SRE practice. This will help us baseline the current state. In this Discovery phase, we will identify the stakeholders in the value stream. We will also have a workshop with the leadership team and the managers to understand the vision.

Once we identify the above, we will go through the process of identifying the Practitioner inefficiencies in terms of –

  • Waste
  • Wait and
  • Rework


> Value Stream
Based on the above findings, we will then have deep dive value stream mapping sessions for the identified areas with the next level of managers. We will also create the future state value stream.


> Recommendation

Identifying the gaps between current state and future state, we will then discuss the areas of improvement, short term, and long term. Final recommendations from our side will then be handed over and explained.

The consultants have multiple experience of doing assessments and value stream mapping exercise for various organisations in India and abroad as part of various consultation for Transformation journey.


> Timeframe

While it is not advisable to disrupt the whole organization, we will work on few chosen areas. The engagement expected is for:

Discovery – One half day session with Leadership and Management and One half day session with team

Value Stream – Four half day sessions for the Value Stream Mapping exercise

Recommendation – One half day session to explain the recommendation




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