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SRE Assessment is a strategic initiative and the approach is based on the best practices. It helps leaders to understand, obtain the strategy and create the road map to successfully transform traditional IT Operations to SRE.

Based on Marc Hornbeek’s model, we provide the SRE Assessment to the organizations. This assessment can be anything between 21 days to 90 days. However, we suggest starting with the Rapid Assessment of 21 days.



 The approach we use is based on Marc Hornbeek’s 9 pillars:

  • Culture
  • Sharing
  • Toil Reduction
  • SLO, SLI, Measurements
  • Error Budgets and Error Budget Policies
  • Anti-fragility
  • Deployments
  • Performance Management
  • Incidents Management



The approach undertaken is as follows:

Discovery – A workshop with the senior management and team to understand their vision, the big picture goal they have. Everyone needs to have the same perspective and thus can respond with better views of importance and capability scores for each of the practices.

Survey – A survey based on the 9 pillars will be done. Based on the survey response, analysis will be done. The results of the survey will include analysis that points out specific pillars and individual practices that have high gap score in which the practices are scored as important and not practiced well.

Value Stream Map – The high priority gaps are then used to organize a value stream map working session to identify the highest priority bottlenecks in people, process, and technology, relative to the organization goals.

Implementation Roadmap – With the findings and result of the above, we will formulate an implementation road map that directly addresses the goal, gaps, and bottlenecks in the value stream.



The implementation roadmap will be presented and discussed with the leadership and the team to align with the big-picture plan by reviewing the findings and the roadmap.

The SRE Assessment approach, from goal alignment through surveys, VSM, roadmap creation and strategic alignment will vary depending on various factors such as the size of the organization, number of applications and size of deployment domains to be included.

The assessment will be done by us and Marc Hornbeek. The analysis and the roadmap will be prepared under guidance of Marc Hornbeek. The first and the last session will have Marc Hornbeek as the presenter.




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