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Each day new blog posts, videos, and tutorials are created to help people learn Cloud Technologies like AWS ..but have you noticed that a huge part of this, is just a copy/paste of the other?

Most of the online contents look like introductions and basic/theoretical stuff! This is the case even in official documentations.

Even passing certifications exams, is not really enough when you don’t have PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE.

Certifications won’t really help you like a Practical Training will!



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    You need practical training inspired by real use cases and examples. Real-world examples as teaching strategy make learning more meaningful.

    Practical AWS is a complete and detailed training to master common AWS services. It’ designed for the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

    You will be guided step by step from the simple basic concepts to the advanced powerful features in order to master the AWS essentials ecosystem from development to production using a variety of technologies & services:

    EC2 S3 EFS Lambda Route53 VPC CloudFront ELB IAM SQS SES SNS LinuxKit Docker SwarmKinesis Firehose CloudWatch Recognition RDS ACM Python Serverless Framework Chalice Zappa and more!


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    Aymen El Amri

    Aymen is a Cloud & Software Architect, Tech Entrepreneur, Author, CEO of eralabs and eralabs Tribes. He is followed by more than 6000 developers and DevOps enthusiasts.

    According to TechBeacon, Aymen is one of the top 100 DevOps professional to follow.

    He has been using AWS since the word Cloud Computing was just a buzz. Aymen has more than 10 years of experience in system and software engineering and, DevOps/Cloud related projects

    He is leading eralabs (listed in the top 10 DevOps companies in Europe) and providing DevOps consultancy services to companies, some of them are in the top 10 world class companies.

    Aymen is interested in Cloud Computing, Docker, the DevOps philosophy, lean programming and coaching.

    You can find Aymen on Twitter.


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