Painless Docker

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Docker is a powerful tool, it’s changing the way we do development and operations. Join The Part!

Painless Docker is a complete and detailed guide to master Docker and a great part of its ecosystem.

You will be guided step by step from the simple basic concepts to the advanced powerful features in order to master Docker and microServices from development to production using a variety of technologies:

Docker, Docker Compose, Docker Machine, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, AWS EC2, AWS SNS/SQN, AWS EFS, Digital Ocean, Google GCE, GlusterFS ,Traefik, Nginx, Fluentd, Weave, Open Vswitch, Etcd, Consul, Haproxy, Sysdig, AWS CloudWatch, Containerd/Runc, Seccomp/Cgroups, Ubuntu, CoreOS Rancher and more.



  • 1.1

    • Introduction To Docker & Containers
    • Installation & Configuration
    • Basic Concepts
    • Advanced Concepts
    • Working With Docker Images
    • Working With Docker Containers
    • Working With Docker Machine
    • Docker Networking
    • Composing Services Using Compose
    • Docker Logging
    • Docker Debugging And Troubleshooting
    • Orchestration – Swarm
    • Orchestration – Kubernetes
    • Orchestration – Rancher/Cattle
    • Docker API
    • Docker Security
    • Docker, Containerd & Standalone Runtimes Architecture
    • Architecting A Multi-Cloud, Highly Available, Scalable & Distributed WordPress Using Docker, Docker Swarm, Traefik & GlusterFS
    • Building A Near Real Time Event-Driven System Using Docker, Python, Amazon SNS & SQS
    • Creating a Serverless System using Docker Containers using SaltStack, Boto3 & CloudInit on AWS
    • Prototyping a Parallel Computing Cluster Using Docker & Python on AWS
    • Discovering Alibaba Cloud — Deploying a WordPress Cluster Using The Container Service
    • Source Code
    • Definitive Docker Cheat Sheet


  • 2.1

    Aymen El Amri


    Aymen is a Cloud & Software Architect, Tech Entrepreneur, Author, CEO of eralabs and eralabs Tribes. He is followed by more than 6000 developers and DevOps enthusiasts.

    According to TechBeacon, Aymen is one of the top 100 DevOps professional to follow.

    He has been using AWS since the word Cloud Computing was just a buzz. Aymen has more than 10 years of experience in system and software engineering and, DevOps/Cloud related projects

    He is leading eralabs (listed in the top 10 DevOps companies in Europe) and providing DevOps consultancy services to companies, some of them are in the top 10 world class companies.

    Aymen is interested in Cloud Computing, Docker, the DevOps philosophy, lean programming and coaching.

    You can find Aymen on Twitter.


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