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Service Offerings

DEVOPS – Solutioning, Designing and Implementing end to end DevOps pipeline for new products as well as legacy projects.

CLOUD-OPS – Expertise in consulting in Cloud Migration, Security and Cloud Management

MICRO SERVICES – Design, develop and deploy micro service based applications. Expertise in container based deployments.

OFFSHORE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT – Develop products and provide managed services.


> DevOps, CloudOps, TestOps

DevOps uses automation techniques to increase collaboration across development and operations, enabling faster, more predictable and more frequent deployments to market.

At Xellentro, we help you align your business goals with DevOps goals to ensure that long term success.

We help you setup, automate and improve Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. We help you visualise the system health using centralised dashboards which provide you Continuous Feedback. We help you in Cloud Migration, Cloud Infra Setup and Cost Optimization. We help you integrate your tests into the CI/CD pipeline.


> Intelligent Data Processing using Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the Artificial Intelligence that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine Learning is a growing requirement of software capability these days

Xellentro offers capabilities such as

  • Face Recognition
  • Speech Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Specific techniques such as Deep Learning (Deep Neural Networks)

Offshore Product Development

We offer end to end product engineering capabilities (Full Stack Development). With our grasp over technology and an edge to understand your business we can provide offshore product development with a value add. We help you build products that can excel in the growing market needs of the future.

While you possess the business knowledge, we have the technical expertise. Together we can deliver better products!




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