Assessment of DevOps Capabilities (ADOC)

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DevOps professionals can take the great opportunity from the launch of a crowdsourced, vendor-neutral Assessment for DevOps Capability (ADOC), a tiered professional membership program.

Launch Date of ADOC: MARCH 31

ADOC is designed for those individuals, teams and organizations who want to: 

  • Check their current DevOps state
  • Distinguish the next target state
  • Strategize experiments to move between states
  • Obtain perceptions into how to expand capabilities
  • Evaluate and increase continuous improvement during their DevOps journey

ADOC – (High-Level) 5 Features 

  • Human Aspects: This feature focuses on culture, psychological safety, dynamic learning, transformational leadership, The Three Ways, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Process and Frameworks: This dimension focuses on agile, lean, ITSM, GRC, VSM, Project to Product, SRE, DevSecOps, Design and Systems thinking, Holacracy and Humanocracy.
  • Functional Composition: This feature focuses on collaboration, portfolio and product management, change, architecture, build, test, release, operate and support.
  • Intelligent Automation: This feature focuses on artifact and source control, CICD, environment management, continuous compliance, observability, AIOps and Value Stream Management.
  • Technology Ecosystems: This focuses on elastic infrastructure, containers, microservices, APIs, serverless, DevOps toolchains, open and inner-source and secrets management.

Vital Challenges of ‘Assessment for DevOps Capability’ in moving to DevOps

  • Data – Without assessing your current situation, it is not possible to assess the improvement towards any future state. Therefore, you must be data driven from the inception.
  • Constrictions – The challenge is that the leaders must comprehend and prioritise constrictions. The constraints arise often ‘in flight’. These unanticipated events can hinder the progress.
  • Synchronicity – Where silos be present in any organisation, the end-to-end system vision is missing. Without any strategy which synchronizes the change for Process, Culture, Technology and People, the advancement will be disorganized and slow than required.

How we can assist you?

ADOC is the Capability Assessment that describes your ‘current state’ data and runs your organisation’s investments in DevOps. Xellentro as an accredited partner for ADOC will provide consulting the following areas:

  • Discovery
  • Understand the big picture from session with Leadership and team. Define the goals and objectives
  • Explain each section of the survey
    • Survey
      • Identify the respondents – 25% from each team for each value stream
      • Guide the respondents to fill up the form. However, the form has to be filled by each respondent independently
      • Analyse the results
    • Result Presentation
      • Present the findings and interpret them with leadership and team
      • Conduct VSM exercise for areas where there are bigger gaps
      • Suggest roadmap for improvement in the areas
    • Iteration
  • After 6 months, Xellentro can repeat the activity as it is a journey of continuous improvement and we need to see the progress at regular intervals. 
  • ADOC influence covers carrying your past picture to make a comparison with your latest completed questionnaire. ADOC can also compare various teams and parts of the organisation over the time. 

This is a tool to measure improvements and not for evaluating individuals.


Sub-Segments of ADOC


DevOps continuous delivery is sweeping your industry, enabling new levels of agility, stability, efficiency, quality, security, and satisfaction.  All enterprises must embrace DevOps or risk extinction.  Yet the road to DevOps with continuous delivery is far from easy.  The journey is fraught with risks if not guided objectively and expertly.

Do you and your team have a clear understanding or what DevOps means to your organization? Do you know, precisely, how to accomplish DevOps Three Ways — continuous flow, continuous feedback, or continuous improvement?  Do you have precise and measurable DevOps goals?  What is the current state of your DevOps practices relative to good and emerging industry practices?  What is your value stream current state and desired next future state?  Do you have a clear roadmap that will get you to your future state effectively?

If you do not have a crystal-clear answer to any of these questions, then you should consider engaging Xellentro for Assessment services. 

Two Versions of ADOC

>> Team ADOC

  • Compact – 30 statements
  • Uses Likert scales
  • Available as a benefit to Premium Professional Members
  • Through the DevOps Institute Members Portal online at
  • For individuals to complete in the context of their team
  • On completion, a scorecard is emailed to the participant and displayed on screen
  • Insights and recommendations are automated
    • 4 for their two weakest dimensions

>> Enterprise ADOC

  • Comprehensive – 180 statements
  • Uses Likert scales
  • Available from DevOps Institute ADOC Consulting Partners
  • Delivered through a private, engagement-specific, portal online
  • For individuals to complete in the context of their teams, cross-organization
  • Compare team capabilities across organizations
  • When the engagement is closed, reports and dashboard data is available
  • DevOps Institute ADOC Consulting Partner workshops the data to accelerate the DevOps journey

Consulting Partners


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