Xellentro helps organizations accelerate value creation by helping them forge a clear path from assessment to the way forward, creating opportunities for learning and experimenting in the process, as outlined in the graphic below.

The Consulting provided is to guide the customers in improving their capability to deliver greater value to their Customers, Business, Employees and Partners. Our Consulting Portfolio includes the following:

DevOps/DevSecOps Consulting

We help our clients in gaining capability and/or improve their capabilities to implement DevOps/DevSecOps and SRE in the right way and get greater ROI on their initiatives.

This offering includes architecture and design review for moving from on-prem, legacy systems to modern technology like Cloud Native, Microservices, etc. We also provide CloudOps guidance and guidance on DevSecOps implementation or moving from DevOps to DevSecOps. Awareness of Security to team members on the job by using certain tools is also part of our consulting services.

DevSecOps and SRE leverages automation techniques to increase collaboration across development and operations, enabling faster, more predictable, and more frequent deployments to market. We help you align your business goals with DevSecOps and SRE goals to ensure long-term success. We can help you: 

  • Build your capability to set up, automate, and improve Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Develop observability within your system to provide Continuous Feedback 
  • Learn to orchestrate Continuous Testing and integrate your test pipeline into the CI / CD pipeline. 
  • Enable designing, developing, and deploying microservice-based applications and container-based deployments
  • Orchestrating and Correlating Security Tools generated information to improve the Security posture of the organization.
DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Assessment

DevOps and SRE Assessment is a strategic initiative, based on best practices, which helps leaders understand, arrive at a strategy, and create a roadmap to successfully transform traditional IT operations into SRE. Our SRE Assessment, based on Marc Hornbeek’s model, typically takes between 15 to 90 days, and we suggest starting with the 15-day Rapid Assessment.

Our Approach

Our approach involves the following phases:

Discovery: A workshop with the senior management and team to understand their vision, and their big-picture goal. Everyone within an organization needs to share the same perspective, to respond with better opinions regarding the importance and capability scores for each of their practices.

Survey: We conduct a survey based on Marc Hornbeek’s 9 pillars and analyze the response to identify specific pillars and individual practices that have a high gap score, that is, the practices are considered important but are not practiced well.

Value Stream Map: The gaps rated the highest in terms of priority are then leveraged to organize a value stream map working session, which helps prioritize the most critical bottlenecks in terms of the people, processes, and technology, relative to the organization’s goals.

Implementation Roadmap: Using the findings and results of the above value stream map working session, we formulate an implementation roadmap that directly addresses the goal, gaps, and bottlenecks.

 Overall Analysis

The implementation roadmap is presented and discussed with the leadership and the team to ensure alignment with their big-picture plan by reviewing the findings and the roadmap.

The SRE Assessment approach, from signing on goal alignment through surveys, VSM, roadmap creation and strategic alignment will vary depending on various factors such as the size of the organization, number of applications and size of deployment domains to be included.

Implementing Sustainable IT

We assist clients in baselining the current state of – and identifying further areas for – their Sustainable IT implementation. This consulting approach comprises the following activities:

  • Sustainability Awareness training
  • Baselining Current State
  • Identify areas of implementation
  • Define the Way Forward
    • Sustainable Non-IT Strategy
    • Sustainable IT Strategy
Building a Secure and Resilient Organization

We help our clients build secure and resilient organizations, in the process helping them align with some aspects of the Digital Operational Resilience Act. To this end, we conduct current state assessments, leadership workshops, and Value Stream Mapping in selected areas. We help our clients define the way forward along the following aspects.

  • Choosing a DevSecOps approach
  • Building a DevSecOps pipeline with Application Security Orchestration and Correlation (ASOC) Blueprint
  • Preparing an SRE and Observability Blueprint
  • Platform Engineering Blueprint
  • Including 3rd Parties throughout the lifecycle
  • Suggesting inclusions in 3rd Party Contracts
  • Selecting elements to consider for Cloud Security Compliance Audit
  • Security Training
  • Digital Operational Resilience Testing
  • Developing a Security Information Sharing Framework

Over 100 clients have taken advantage of our Consulting services since 2012. 

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