About us

Xellentro started in the year 2012. The name Xellentro represents the meaning “Excellence in Delivery”. The business is owned by Dr. Niladri Choudhuri and Dr. Sharmila Choudhuri who cofounded the company in the year 2012 out of their passion for creating platforms for qualitative learning for IT professionals and help organizations improve in their Ways of Working.

Xellentro is an emerging global provider of training and consulting services. Our objective is to help organizations improve their way of working. What differentiates us is our practitioner’s approach where we don’t limit ourselves only to training and advisory but stay on till envisaged benefits are realized and values are created for our customers. Xellentro operates out of Singapore and India while reaching many other countries through its virtual delivery methods.


Training & Certification
Experiential Learning

Xellentro is recognised for its quality of Service. In providing a quality service, we look for ways to

  • Ensure we have the right information and right experienced resources to support our operations.
  • Understand the expectations of our industry, our clients and customers.
  • Design and develop collaboratively, services, to co-create value for our customers
  • Continuously ensure quality.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Liaison with our clients and customers to determine the level of satisfaction after completion of work.
  • Ensure that, not only our immediate clients and customers, but everyone involved benefits from the quality of our work.
  • Set and review measurable business objectives.
  • Commit to continuous improvement.

Our business purpose is

To co-create value for our clients and customers by delivering best in class service, working together through experimentation and training.


Xellentro will be global provider of best in Class Consulting and Training to its customers.


Xellentro is committed to providing its services to different organizations globally and helping them by providing knowledge and experience through training and consulting thus helping them achieve Excellence in their business outcomes.

We will work towards achieving this vision by

Providing consulting and training which are world class and recognized globally and have proven track record of improving businesses through hands-on experienced practitioners.

Our Team

Dr. Niladri Choudhuri
Founder & CEO
Dr. Sharmila Choudhuri
Founder & Director
Ms. Lopamudra Raychowdhury
Founder & Director
Ms. Surabhi Prakash
Chief operating Officer
Ms. Neeta Singh
Senior Consultant - Sales & Marketing
MS. Radhika
Senior Content specialist
Mr. Palash Roy
Consultant- Technical Support
Ms. Anjali B M
Senior Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer